June 2 & 3

Nick will be at HS on Day 1 and MS Day 2. Tracy will be at the opposite building as Nick doing PD

High School (40 staff members)
AM-Creating a sense of urgency-Why does our school need to change?

PM-What does change look like? Introduce some tools that teachers can use in their classroom.
Google Reader
and RSS Bundles
Diigo-Some teachers may have set-up accounts earlier in the week. (Probably only 20%)
Titan Pad
Google Alerts
Google advanced Search

Junior High School-40 staff members
RSS-1.5 hours
Skype-30 minutes (May want to scratch this because they don't have cams)
Twitter-1 hour
Exploration time and presentations-1 hour to explore
Short presentations-30 minutes
Screenr-30 minutes
Aviary-online video creation-1 hour

If time allows:
Quick Wins

Work to bridge the gap between the 7th and 8th grade teams.
RSS-Get everyone setup with an RSS account. We could also create a "bundle" of informative sites for the school.
Would you like me to teach other tools? We could have teachers do an online scavenger hunt to briefly expose them to lots of different tools. They could then fill out a Google form of tools that they would like to learn about. I could teach the tools with the most votes.
Groups will also set-up their own bundles in role alike sessions (i.e. Social Studies, Science, etc.)
Google Docs -- We have Google Apps (docs, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, sites, calendar, gmail (new), drawing, and video)-Don't plan on teaching google docs in agenda.
Google forms-Don't plan on teaching google forms in agenda.

Skype for teachers
Aviary-online audio editing (Please have school and staff members bring flip cameras if they have them.)

Quick wins
Wordle-A tool that easily turns any group of words into a word cloud that can make a powerful visual representation.
WatchKnow-Teacher friendly videos

Bit.ly-One way to easily short long web addresses.
TodaysMeet-Tool for backchannel conversation.
Online Stopwatch-Easy way to use a timer on your projection screen.

Cool tools wiki-Huge collection of tools to use with students!
Google Alerts

1 hour of exploration time-Groups pick a topic to explore and share out on (share 3-5 minutes)
Feel free to add things to this list!
Stixy-http://www.stixy.com/-similar to wallwisher
http://livebinders.com/-Be sure to press save often!

No matter what the tech tool is, please review/remind of student safety and how teachers need to "teach" netiquette and digital citizenship This is new info for MOST the staff.

Will all teachers have laptops during the training?
Will the bandwidth be fairly robust in each location?


Departments Create their Own Bundles:

Science: Tracy's recommendations

Math: Suggest these for RSS

(Info for Nick): What prior knowledge/training do they have?
  • DI with technology (basics)
  • Set up Diigo accounts and groups. They are still getting started on this and only a few are really bookmarking/sharing.
  • SchoolWorld Website PD has been ongoing this year so they have atleast one platform to start from.
  • Google Apps: wide range of background. Some use often, some are brand new. Just docs, spreadsheets, sites, presentations, & forms.
  • April 6th & 21st: Using Tech to Promote Student Collaboration --Using Back Channels (Today‚Äôs Meet); Google Sites; Google Forms
  • May training: Blogs