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Dance Revolution
Greyson Chance at music concert
Guitar lesson
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Are you "googleable"? Are your students?

Information Revolution Video

Learning to Change Changing to Learn


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Cool Tools

Titanpad-This is a great tool for collaborative notes. You can have up to 16 students working on the same document at the same time.
Google forms-Screencast of how to create a google form.
Screenr-Easily record a screencast
Wordle-A tool that easily turns any group of words into a word cloud that can make a powerful visual representation.
WatchKnow-Teacher friendly videos way to easily short long web addresses.
TodaysMeet-Tool for backchannel conversation.
Online Stopwatch-Easy way to use a timer on your projection screen.
Flickr-A HUGE collection of photos that teachers can use in their classes.
Prezi-Prezi is ann alternative to powerpoint and it is a unique way to present information.
Class blogging without emails
Cool tools wiki-Huge collection of tools to use with students!